Actumus - Bioflo 1 240 VCaps

BIO- FLO 1 contains herbs that are traditionally used to absorb toxins in the large intestine. Since the stools increase in volume and hydration, they are removed easily, which removes many intestinal and elimination disorders. BIO- FLO 1 soothes and strengthens the entire digestive tract. It heals ulcers, reduces gastric acidity and allows rehabilitation of intestinal transit. It has a calming effect while being slightly laxative. This formula is revitalizing for the adrenal glands, protects the liver, increases metabolic functions and improves nutrient absorption. In addition to increasing the production of antibodies and several virus resistance, it allows the evacuation of the excess mucus in the body. BIO- FLO 1 also helps reduce blood cholesterol. It improves lung function, reduces the damage caused by oxidative stress and prevents the proliferation of cancer cells