Actumus - Bioflo 2 120 Vcaps

BIO- FLO 2 contains herbs that are traditionally used for their beneficial effects on the digestive tract. This formula restores the lining of the intestine, tones the colon and regulates bowel movements with its laxative effect. Bile production is promoted, thereby enhancing the functions of the stomach. BIO- FLO 2 allows the evacuation of the excess mucus in the body. It activates the lymphatic system to reduce any possible stagnation. By being a blood and mucus decongestant, it lowers cholesterol and reduces pain and inflammation. It fights and protects against infection and irritation of the urinary tract by increasing the volume of urine. It prevents the formation of kidney stones. In small doses, this formula stops diarrhea. At larger doses, it has a laxative effect which accelerates the motility of the colon and expels gas without causing excessive colic. It fights against parasites and bacteria that could cause infections or diarrhea. Its stimulating effect helps to eliminate fatigue, exhaustion, chills, laziness ... In short, it gives a boost to the body