If you’re a firm believer that food is the best medicine, you have come to the right place! At Sante Ecoloco, we cater to customers with various dietary restrictions; specializing in organic, gluten free, vegan, lactose free, sugar free and raw diets. Whether it’s breakfast, dinner, snack time or baking time, we have recommendations for you! With genuine enthusiasm and ongoing extensive research, we strive to collect the most innovative and exciting products for all you health foodies (because we are too!).

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What will you find?

  • Grab 'n go; sandwiches and salads, chia pudding, ready-made meals & local deserts

  • Snack foods

  • A wide variety of gluten-free products

  • Natural sweeteners

  • An awesome assortment of honey, including raw, royal jelly & manuka

  • From the fridge; yogurt, milk, cheese vegan cheese, tofu, tempeh, veggie meats, fermented veggies etc...

  • Cooking and baking essentials

  • Canned goods

  • Fresh organic farm eggs from free range, grain-fed chickens

  • Egg substitutes

  • Spices, condiments and nutritional yeast

  • A wide variety of coconut oils

  • Dried grains, seeds and beans

  • Selection of coffees, teas and super-foods

  • Frozen foods

  • Baby products (coming soon!)

  • Natural pet food


Some of the brands you will find….