Activation - Ocean's Alive Fresh Marine Plankton 30ml

Fresh marine phytoplankton is a source of vegetarian EPA and DHA, 19 amino acids in a naturally formed amino matric, vitamin A, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, magnesium and full spectrum ionic minerals.

  • Living Marine Phytoplankton is a nutrient rich, power packed liquid. The minerals in this tiny bottle are so dense and pure, that a couple of drops can assist in restoring your body back to normal after a long night, or a tough training session, or whatever it may be.
  • Marine phytoplankton is a great source of EPA & DHA Omega 3 essential fatty acids, Omega 6, 7, and 9 essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, and organically available minerals that have been known to optimize brain and heart function.

To Use: Add 1-15 drops in a glass of freshly squeezed juice, or to your daily shake.