Qia superfood

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Give your breakfast a boost with Qi’a (pronounced kee-ah) from Nature’s Path Organic Foods.


Qi’a arose from our desire to provide the healthiest organic foods made from the highest quality superfood ingredients. We wanted to provide a clean source of fuel to power your day, so we teamed up three super seeds: chia, hemp, and buckwheat.


Why these three?


Hemp was an obvious choice, thanks to its numerous health benefits. We’ve long been advocates for hemp as a highly nutritious, highly delicious source of plant-based nourishment. Our founder, Arran Stephens, even fought for your right to consume hemp (that’s a whole other story – you can read it here).


We added buckwheat for the fibre benefits. We’ve always loved chia, too, and when our search for an organic chia source proved successful, we knew this super seed blend was meant to be. (Plus, it has some awesome health benefits as well!) 


The word Qi’a means energy, and this superfood cereal lives up to its name. Thanks to its blend of powerful ancient seeds and grains, Qi’a is delicious, satisfying, and nutritious. Chia teams up with buckwheat and hemp to deliver a nutritional powerhouse of plant-based protein, fiber, and omega-3s that will keep you full and energized all day long.

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