Douglas - Seditol Plus 30vcaps

Seditol Plus from Douglas Labs may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals wishing to support normal sleep patterns and help reduce stress-induced sleeplessness.

Quantity: 1

The main ingredients of Seditol, Magnolia and Ziziphus, have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years and are well regarded for their roles in stress management.*
In addition to Seditol, chamomile, lemon balm and passion flower are included for the relaxing properties they can provide to support assisting the bodys requirement for a restful nights sleep*.

Herbal support for healthy sleep*
Seditol Plus is a proprietary blend of Magnolia officinalis and Ziziphus spinosa, as well as a synergistic herbal blend, specifically designed to support healthy sleep and support the bodys normal nocturnal rhythms during stress.*
For many individuals, the hectic pace of a Western lifestyle, lack of exercise and poor eating habits can lead to sub-optimal health. Often, these same individuals do not receive enough sleep at night. The vast majority of health care providers now recommend that individuals receive at least 7-8 hours of sleep.*
This lack of sleep may cause elevation of stress (cortisol) and appetite (ghrelin) hormones, which is thought to lead to a further progression of poor sleep and eating habits*. These poor habits may be part of the factors that determine weight gain, cardiovascular fitness, mental alertness, immune health and other important indicators of optimal health and wellbeing.