Gemmotherapy extracts are derived from specific trees and shrubs, using the part that contains their most potent healing properties. Young buds and shoots are sustainably collected in European forests to produce a plant based extract with potential unlike any other natural therapy available today.

Gemmotherapy extracts support the immune system’s ability to effect a quick response to a wide variety of acute symptoms, making them an excellent resource for families. They are affordable, easy to use, and a small collection of extracts at home will keep you well prepared for all the typical situations that arise with children, adults, and even pets.

Under the guidance of a trained practitioner, Gemmotherapy extracts can be combined into deeper protocols to address every possible chronic symptom. These protocols are applied systematically, first optimizing elimination, then working further to clean, nourish, and restore organ function.

Some of our brands include Herbal Gem, Unda, Boiron and Homeodel.