Nova Probiotics progressive 55+ 42bil 60gels

As we get older, the levels of Bifidobacterium and its different species tend to decrease. The extended use of antibiotics in the older population undoubtedly has a huge impact on the intestinal microbiota’s composition, further decreasing the bifidobacteria population. Depletion of this colon predominant genus may cause occasional gas and constipation, bloating and associated discomfort, and may lead to an increased risk of infection. With 42 billion probiotic microorganisms per capsule, this product is intended to help restore and maintain gut microbiota equilibrium with strong concentrations of bifidobacteria. It can be used to help reduce digestive disorders associated with drug therapies, boost the immune system or, as part of a preventive healthcare strategy.

  • Helps restore the healthy composition and function of the gut microbiome;
  • Supports healthy digestion through fermentation;
  • Helps reduce intestinal discomfort and flatulence;
  • Promotes bowel regularity;
  • Ensures proper nutrients and minerals absorption;
  • Helps synthesize vitamins;
  • Supports liver function;
  • Promotes a healthy immune response;
  • Aids in decreasing inflammation;
  • Helps prevent colonization by pathogenic bacteria;
  • Reduces the risk of UTIs and yeast infections;
  • Helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause;
  • May help lower LDL cholesterol levels;
  • Promotes healthy aging.