About us / Qui-sommes nous?

At Santé EcoLoco, we base our business philosophy on the following 4 pillars;


  1. Your Physical Well Being; Your body requires proper fuel and maintenance in order to function at its highest level. We strive to offer the best advice, the highest quality supplementation and the purest nutritional choices available on the market today.


  1. Your Emotional Health; Insomnia, stress, hormonal imbalances, sadness and mental health issues affect us all at one time or another. Our philosophy is quite simple; the mind needs as much nourishment as the body. Helping you cope, adapt and thrive is our specialty.


  1. The Planet and Everything on it; We have one simple mission where the environment and animal life are concerned; We revere and respect them. We try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum as well as sourcing our products as locally as possible.


  1. Our Community; We try to give back to our community by investing our energy and resources in charities and causes that benefit those who are less fortunate or suffering. We support organizations that share a common mindset with us; the betterment of humanity and the animal world through kindness and compassion.


What we do;

Our dedicated team of naturopaths, pharmacists and nutritional specialists are qualified and eager to share their knowledge about the benefits of natural remedies and nutritional therapies. Our aim is to help people in the prevention of serious illnesses, promoting longevity and treating common ailments that hinder you from performing at your peak.

We also have a wide range of health food that includes; superfoods, organic, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten-free, raw and dairy/meat substitutes. We keep our freshly made food as ‘clean’ as possible with grab-and-go organic & vegan options such as our famous tempeh wrap.

Our body care and cosmetic line is strictly natural and made with powerful components derived from plant sources without the addition of dangerous carcinogens, toxins or pesticides… and the same applies to our household & animal products.

We actively seek local suppliers; from beekeepers who create honey on Montreal rooftops, to organic herb farms in the Townships, to small-batch soap makers in the Laurentians… our backyard is filled with the most innovative and mindful entrepreneurs in North America!

Our beautiful store is conveniently located in the heart of the Golden Square Mile, behind Concordia University’s Sir George Williams Building on Mackay near Sherbrooke. We deliver by courier as well as ship to anywhere in North America. One visit to the boutique or to our online shop will give you an idea as to how mindful we are about helping you achieve optimal wellness.

At Santé EcoLoco, Your Health is our Business.